Passive Coherent Location Radar

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The XY Passive Coherent Location Radar (XY AS-PCL(C)) is a novel product capable to detect and identify all kinds of the airborne objects / targets including helicopters and drones. The XY AS-PCL(C) Radar, because of its nature and utilized radar techniques, does not contaminate electromagnetic spectrum and it is safe for environment and life species. Since no electromagnetic energy is emitted by the radar, it cannot be detected and eliminated by an anti-radiation missile as in the case of active radar. The XY AS-PCL(C) is ideal and low cost solution delivering the valid and credible air surveillance information which can be exploited by military and civilian airspace users. The XY AS-PCL(C) Radar is fully autonomous, but it can also be supervised/controlled by the operator onsite or form a remote location if necessary (Command Post, Higher HQ etc.). The proposed XY AS-PCL Radar is based on the 10 ft intermodal container (cargo) shelter with fully independent, self-load/unload system, equipped with HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system, own power generator, telescopic antenna mast, additional 1 km fibre-optic cables to connect other stations and able to host the one operator.

Technical parameters

Illuminators of Opportunity FM radio(88 – 108 MHz)
DVB-T/T2 (470 – 862 MHz)
Coverage 360°
Detection and tracking coverage volume:  
  1. Maximum instrumented range
  2. Minimum instrumented range
  3. Maximum height/elevation
  4. Minimum height/elevation
  5. Maximum elevation angle
  6. Minimum elevation angle
  7. Target minimum speed
  8. Target maximum speed
300 km
50 m
15 km
0 km

5 m/s
1000 m/s
Target information update rate / information refresh rate 1 s

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Accuracy of target coordinates determination:

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Speed
  4. Direction
200 – 700 m
500 – 1500 m
5 – 15 m/s
0.5 – 5.0°

Processing and display capacity:

  1. Bistatic plots
  2. Bistatic tracks
  3. Cartesian tracks
  4. Illuminators of Opportunity
10 000
1 000
1 000
10 000
Operating temperature –30 +50°C

  • The antenna system automatically rises itself to a height above ground that will assure detection of targets moving at low and very low heights.
  • Multiple ECCM/EP capabilities.
  • The system can operate 24/7 at any environmental conditions.
  • The system can be operated entirely remotely.
  • The system has open architecture and can cooperate with external systems. It can accept inputs from other systems, e.g., detections from active radars can be used to initialize tracks. It can send data to other systems.
  • The system can be integrated with external systems, including proprietary/non-standard systems
  • There is a 12kW power source guarantying the power (230 / 400 V AC, 50Hz) for all equipment (radar station, HVAC, lighting system, self-load/unload system, etc.) augmented by the battery system ensuring the uninterrupted operation

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